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Safety Program Management

Safetysmith provides Safety and Health management expertise as needed to your HR or Safety Manager, or can serve as your company's Safety Manager. Safetysmith writes and implement programs, provides training, brings safety expertise to staff meetings, facilitates Safety Committees, leads special projects, and advises management on Safety and Health issues. Safetysmith reviews your Safety and Health Program to be sure it is compliant with the OSHA Standards applicable to your industry.

Safety Training

Safetysmith delivers Safety and Health training. See the Training page for a list of available topics - OSHA and custom. Safetysmith develops and delivers training to support your special needs as well.

Special Projects

Safetysmith conducts special projects and leads project teams to support client safety goals. Examples include new employee computer-based training packages, design of record-keeping databases, safety intranet design, Responsible Care Codes preparation, corporate safety initiatives, safety reviews for facility relocations, ergonomic surveys, safety attitude surveys, and technical research for legal cases.

Facility Audits and Inspections

Safetysmith conducts compliance inspections to identify where you may need to improve your safety program. The inspection report includes the list of OSHA Standards that apply to your facility, the deficiencies identified, citing the specific OSHA requirements, and recommendations for how to close the gaps.

Hand Injury Prevention

Hand injuries can account for a high percentage of industrial injuries. Well-implemented Hand Injury Prevention initiatives can help to significantly reduce these injuries and improve the overall safety awareness of your employees.

Hazard Analysis

Hazard Analysis is the process of identifying, analyzing, and controlling hazards to eliminate risks. Hazard analyses are important before making modifications to existing operations, for new processes, new equipment in your plant, and new raw materials introduced into your facility.

Rich Grandzol has been a principal in many Hazard Analyses, simple to complex, from laboratory to production, from permanent installations to site closure and relocation.

He is a qualified HazOp (Hazard and Operability) study facilitator. A HazOp is one of the tools that satisfies the Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) requirement in the OSHA Process Safety Management Standard.